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Begin Again by Sean Turner

Canadian-born, Minnesota-raised pianist, Sean Turner, is a very refreshing and versatile artist. He demonstrates from the opening track, "Just Lucky," that he means business. This guy plays with a lot of authority and energy, and you know he enjoys what he’s doing. Backed by powerful, solid horns (Greg Keel and Brad Shermock) and an exciting guitarist (Time Snow), Turner plays with the confidence of one who knows he’s got the magical combination.

While I’ve categorized this CD as "smooth jazz," it’s really an impressive cornucopia of subgenres, ranging from funky piano-heavy contemporary jazz (track 1, "Just Lucky") to some very flavorful Latin-tinged pieces (track 3, "Primera Clase," and track 5, "Club Carmela"). Then, there’s the more Brazilian-spun track 8, "One Wish". The Latin tunes demonstrate this artist’s understanding of what makes Latin music so alluring.... its own diversity. Track 9 , "Two Sides of a Coin," has a good combination of a decent, upbeat smooth rhythm, bright, telling horns, and Sean’s own dynamic piano work. Together, they make this piece a true stand-out. Finally, if you like mellow, jazz lounge music or soothing, reflective pieces, the final track, "Coming Home," has both covered.

Listening to Turner makes you either yearn for a long drive along the California coast on a warm, breezy sunset-laced evening (choose your company alone or with that special someone, it all comes together either way), or seek out a spot on the beach to enjoy your mojito or a salsa with your novia/novio.

A cool addition to your collection, Begin Again gets big kudos from me. The sounds of smooth jazz are varied, and this artist seems to have a firm handle on what makes some music hard to pigeonhole and, at the same time, what makes smooth jazzers listen. Hey Sean, I would say that your training as a 7-year-old by "that nice, little old lady down the street" paid some nice dividends. Let’s hear more from you.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sean Turner
  • CD Title: Begin Again
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Sean Turner Music
  • Rating: Four Stars
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