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Blue Talk by Don Barrozo

‘Simpsons’ fans and jazz fans take notice to the music and work of Don Barrozo. Don has worked as film editor for television show ‘The Simpsons’, as well as being a major fixture in the Los Angeles and Venice Beach area music and jazz scene. Barrozo was born in Montana - the son of a horn playing, Filipino immigrant father and American mother. His father’ s playing exposed Don to many styles and helped shape his musical future. In his youth Don garnered some regional accolades and awards for his horn playing abilities. Upon this success, Don earned a music degree from the University of Northern Colorado.

The many styles that Don came so accustomed to in his youth, now show themselves on his debut release ‘Blue Talk’. Most of the compositions lie in the fusion/smooth jazz camp, but very loosely. There are many tinges of reggae, blues, pop, latin and bop scattered throughout. However, it is Don’ s playing the makes the most distinguishing mark. His lines are clear and pure, his phrasing even. The warm tone that Don belts out is a perfect lead for the modern souding music. Production is equally great, lush and easy swinging moods. Although the material is not exceptionally challenging - the music scores on a broader level. Casual pop fans, purists and everyone else will easily admire the great trumpet playing of Don Barrozo.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Don Barrozo
  • CD Title: Blue Talk
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Calabash Productions
  • Rating: Four Stars
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