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Feggàri Mou by Ivo Antognini Jazz Project

Ivo Antognini is a pianist with a strong classical background and possesses with his fingers the fire to travel into jazz and folk music. Ivo Antognini has performed with Franco Ambrosetti, Danilo Moccia, Hans Kennel, Matthias Daneck, and Oliviero Giovannoni.

His new album, "Ivo Antognini Jazz Project" is composed of eight tracks: "Feggàrri mou," "Take the Happy Train," "360°," "Didé," "Pak-ke," "New Little Thing," "Change," "Blue difference"; each one well documented in the included booklet.

The music is beautiful and lyrical. Antognini’s fingers dance across the piano elegantly yet with a delicate power. His notes and sounds satiate the space from track to track.

"Ivo Antognini Jazz Project" features talented musicians from many different provinces including Stefano Dall'Ora and Silvano Borzacchiello. Antognini then adds to this line up Oskar Boldre, Arno Haas, Jochen Feucht, Marco Brioschi, Claudio Pontiggia and Marco Fratantonio. And they deliver us a romantic, emotional and suave release.

The scat of Oskar Boldre on "Take the Happy Train" will grip your heart with sensual textures in one moment and then gradually smooth out the next.

Marco Brioschi, Claudio Pontiggia and Danilo Moccia create a plurality of techniques and sounds from the bell of their horns. Adroit brass player Stephano Dall’Ora contributes greatly with soft tonal and textural variation. Arno Haas and Jochen Feucht produce broad tonal ranges and dynamics from their respective instruments.

Silvano Borzacchiello gently fills in all the registers with tender bass drum padding that accentuates the melodic phrases. The presence of Marco Fratantino on accordion is quite substantial with his warm tone presenting the main melody along with the other instruments ("Fegàri mou", "Didé") in a very rhythmical background.

The "Ivo Antognini Jazz Project" melds together outstanding musicians, making the music of this project seduce the sophisticated jazz purist.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ivo Antognini Jazz Project
  • CD Title: Feggàri Mou
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Own release
  • Rating: Four Stars
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