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Full Circle by Andre Delano

Andre Delano's music resume looks like the Who's Who of all time great music. Everyone who loves music knows of someone on this list: Usher, Maxwell, Peter White, Jeff Lorber, Doc Powell, The Emotions, Stevie Wonder, The Gap Band, Kevin Toney Bobby Womack, just to name a few.

It's hard to conceive such a young looking artist playing with all of those masters but Delano has. He has also toured abroad in such distant places as Russia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Japan, Germany and England.

Delano swept his audiences off their feet while playing with Johnny Taylor, The Main Ingredient, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, with Maxwell and more.

Now, Delano has come Full Circle with this watershed album by that name. No longer a side man or part of someone else's band, Angelo Delano has developed a smooth, clean, deep sound that frightens some of the most seasoned sax players.

Filled with emotion, Full Circle shows the extensive work Delano has put into his career. Now is the time to enjoy his creation.

"Funkborne" is exactly what it promises; wild, get down, in your face--funk to the max. Kickin' it with a mean back beat, Delano turns loose with his smoldering sax, as Kevin Toney breaks open on keyboards.

Keyboards bring a breezy, exciting feeling to "Why Not" as Delano expresses his talent on sax in a deep groove. The sound of vibes against the background of profound percussion keeps "Why Not" interesting throughout, with plenty of twists and turns. A mysterious turn into long enchanting, ecliptic rhythm makes Delano's sax speak on "Vocalistic."

The title track, "Full Circle," features Delano's lush vocals as he tells of the struggles he endured before coming "Full Circle" into his own sense of one-ness within his life. It has been a long ride for Delano, but well worth it for those listening to this album.

Inspired by the poem, "Foot Steps," Delano set it to music, showing his special appreciation to God for carrying us when we can no longer carry ourselves. A tribute to Delano's spiritual connection. Another song of gratitude is "Night Riders," named for the kids in Delano’s neighborhood who didn't have the same guidance to bring them to a peaceful, successful place in their lives.

Terrell, pronounced bass by Ian Martin and smooth drum programming by Steve Stephens, layers "Mystic Journey" with vocals. Delano's soprano sax is seductive, worldly. Al Mackay (Earth Wind & Fire fame) does a stunning guitar accompaniment to Leon Bisquere on Rhodes for "Gypsy," in a sensual interlude with sax.

"Face Off" features three guitars: Dwight Sills-guitar solo, G-moe on muted guitar, Yarone Levy-rhythm guitar with Andrew Gouche' on bass, lending a deep blend of guitar magic to Delano’s smooth sax. Rhythmic percussion keeps this tune up-beat and savvy all at the same time, before returning with a somber tribute to Delano’s son, on the track "When Jadon Smiles."

Featuring a Jeff Lorber remix of "Night Riders’ closes the album on a lighter note.

Andre Delano has certainly come "Full Circle" with his break-away album, drawing rave reviews nationwide. It is time Andre Delano becomes known for the star he is.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Andre Delano
  • CD Title: Full Circle
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: 7th Note Entertainment
  • Tracks: Funkborne, Why Not, Vocalistic, Full Circle, Foot Steps, Night Riders, Mystic Journey, Gypsy, Face Off, When Jadon Smiles, Night Riders
  • Rating: Five Stars
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