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I Am Ready is the new smooth jazz CD from Swedish saxophonist Greger Hillman. Hillman is leaving the role of sideman to stand on his own with the ten original songs he wrote for this easy to listen to CD. Hillman has been on the scene for 20-plus years crafting his feel good sounds and with this release, Hillman is ready.

The title track "I Am Ready" sets the mood for the rest of the CD with Hillman’s smooth alto sax sounds. Blending in nicely is "Home At Last" again featuring Hillman’s alto sax, which surely references the journey back to his beginnings over 20 years ago. Sit back and close your eyes to the smooth ballad "Now You Know" as Hillman showcases his talent on the soprano sax as well as the grand piano. More of Hillman’s mellow sounds can be heard on the track "In These Arms Of Mine."

There are more than ballads to this CD, however, as "Feels Good" and "Let’s Go Back" bring it up a notch and adds a little funk as Hillman excels on the tenor and soprano saxophones. "Can You Feel This" is a lively, but easy-listening melody, which is sure to make you do just that. Hillman ends with "Final Words," once again showcasing his undeniable talent on the alto sax and grand piano. It will leave you feeling satisfied and relaxed, making this the perfect conclusion.

This is a definite feel good CD. All ten tracks on I Am Ready flow together effortlessly and work off of each other flawlessly. Hillman’s obvious talent and passion for smooth jazz is evident throughout enabling him to take his music far from his homeland of Sweden to places like Nashville, Texas and Los Angeles. More information on this artist can be found on his website.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: GREGER HILLMAN
  • CD Title: I Am Ready
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Hillman Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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