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Just Come On In by Nick Colionne

There are many guitarists that use Wes Montgomery as their influence for coming into the music business. Chicago guitarist Nick Colionne is one that has brought Montgomery's sound to a new level. His fourth CD, first for Three Keys Music, called Just Come On In shows how he takes the Montgomery formula and changes it into an urban groove that's smooth.

Even though Colionne does honor Montgomery on the track From the Wes Side, he grinds out as much as he can from his Epiphone guitar. From the opening track High Flyin' to the bonus track Hurry Up This Way Again, Colionne lets his guitar do the talking in both high spirits and intimate reflections. The strongest track is High Flying, but Did You Know is a track that shows how Colionne works well with his side men by bringing out his urban side.

On Just Come On In, you can see some similarities between Nick Colionne and fellow guitarist Norman Brown, who won his first Grammy in 2003. Colionne has the same type of style as Brown, but has an important difference. Colionne has a style that is more refined, but still has the bit of gritty that Brown shows. He sounds like he is enjoying what he does, which to me is very important. You can tell when a performer is really doing what he wants to do by the way he puts his heart into it. Colionne has that heart in what he is doing.

Nick Colionne has had success with his three previous releases. However, Just Come On In is the CD that is going to bring Colionne out of the pack and break out big. Watch out Norman.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Nick Colionne
  • CD Title: Just Come On In
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Three Keys Music
  • Tracks: 1. High Flyin 4:16 2. It's Been Too Long 3:42 3. Just Come on In 3:51 4. The Scuffle 5:09 5. From the Wes Side 3:31 6. Is It a Dream 5:14 7. Because You Love Me 3:59 8. Downtown 3:31 9. Did You Know 3:34 10. Drumbalaya 4:10 11. 2 B D 4:29 12. My Favorite Things 4:23 13. Hurry Up This Way Again 4:45'
  • Musicians: Nick Colionne - Primary Artist, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards; Ricky Peterson - Organ; Richard Patterson - Bass; Eric Valentine - Bass; Maurice Houston - Bass; Tony "Downtown" Brown - Bass; Dave Hiltebrand - Bass, Keyboards, Synclavier; Stanley Cooper - Guitar; Ernie Adams - Percussion, Drums; Lenny Castro - Percussion; Mike Logan - Piano; Orbert Davis - Trumpet; Ron Haynes - Trumpet; Paul Jackson Jr. - Rhythm Guitar; John Blasucci - Keyboards; Marcus Johnson - Keyboards; John Blacussi - Keyboards; Brian Danzy - Keyboards; James Perkins - Saxophone; Steve Zoloto - Saxophone; Tony Perkins - Vocals; Bev Graham - Vocals; Toni Perkins - Vocals; Cynthia Hardy - Vocals, Background Vocals; Kenny Allen - Background Vocals; Kurt Festge - Synclavier.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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