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Last Tango In The New World by Greg Henderson

I so often search high and low for that right combination of smooth Latin-tinged jazz/R&B that offers that swaying, subtle, tenderness that allows you to simply be consumed and soothed by its magical presence. Keyboardist Greg Henderson (and his drummer/brother David) just may have touched upon that combination here with Last Tango in the New World. I’ve heard it often said that no matter how many times you hear a Paul Hardcastle song, there’s something magical about it that keeps you hitting the "repeat" button. Often a tad bit long and somewhat redundant, the music always finds that spot in you and lures you back again and again. Henderson’s material could very well get there.

This album has tracks that are very rhythmic and set a very exotic and reflective mood. There are also tracks that are more intense in fusion and varying time signatures than others, but equally as melodic, for the most part. Tracks 7 and 8, which sound remarkably alike actually, provide bright, heavy fusion and while unlike the mellower and more melodically enticing tracks 1 and 2, still pack a distinctive wallop. In fact, not necessarily uniquely so, much of this album is an illustration of very distinctive "tides" in style and feel to its credit. There's even a solo exercise in fusion at track 9, showcasing Henderson’s keyboard artistry.

One thing that can definitely be said here, the album is unpretentious. Rather, for the most part, it provides a simple peacefulness, gentle, romantic, exotic melodies and a lot of presence. Overall, I’d say that there’s easily enough here for my comfort zone and maybe yours as well.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Greg Henderson
  • CD Title: Last Tango In The New World
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Henderson Brothers Productions
  • Rating: Three Stars
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