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More Love More Power by david wells

Smooth jazz composer and trumpet and flugelhorn player David Wells has released his sixth studio album More Love More Power, produced, engineered and arranged by Bob Beals. The album follows Wells’ earlier credits which include 2001’s The Day Of, This Is My Father’s World, America’s Christmas, 2002’s Ephesians 5:19, and 2004’s David Wells Featuring Anthony Burger, Bill Gaither‘s Pianist.

Wells acquired stature as an inspirational artist creating music which the adult contemporary, smooth jazz and Christian music communities have embraced. His latest release More Love More Power follows suit with several inspirational tracks and uplifting atmospheres. Many of his songs have a melodic palate that represent those special moments in peoples lives with sonic complexions that evoke moods reflective of weddings, engagements, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, award ceremonies, reunions, romantic interludes, reconciliations and other family celebrations. The flaccid notes and gentle fluid movements create beautiful serenades with escalating impressions and positive conditioning. The flugelhorn nuzzles and slinks along the piano and guitar passages with a glossy feel which gives the verses a creamy finish and an affectionate sentiment that is personable and loving.

The orchestration of "The Day Of" has a growing brightness that projects images of the sun rising and the panoramic softness of "Unconditional Love" is reflective of cuddling a loved one in your arms. The exuberance portrayed in tracks like "Standing On The Promises" and the title track create a jolly, celebratory mood and the vocals of Bob Beals on "Offering" is positively uplifting. The cover tunes "How Sweet It Is," written by Motown songwriters Dozier and Holland, and "Strawberry Letter #23," written by Shuggie Otis, exude a fun, upbeat vibe and warm sensations that wash over the listener. The romantic sonorous in "It Is Well" and "Latin Sunset" are beautifully strewn with melodic dips, liquefied notes and chamois glides opulently toned and the smooth jazz choruses on "Dance With My Father" are spiritually hoisted and omnisciently reconciliatory.

David Wells’ music is greatly influenced by his background, growing up in a household of six siblings with a father who was a pastor. Born in Vienna, West Virginia, his family moved to Dallas, Texas when he was a child. Wells’ father encouraged him and his siblings to pursue their musical talents. Wells chose to play the flugelhorn and trumpet and made it his full time job at the age of 14 after he was asked to play for Ms. West Virginia, who later became Ms. America. Soon after, he was collaborating with adult contemporary and smooth jazz players and his music became the means to support himself and his wife Angie and their two children Breckin and Landon.

In 2001, he ventured on his own making solo albums, beginning with The Day Of, which gave solace to families after the events of 9/11 with inspirational hymns and songs. His press release states, "After Sept. 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York, Wells' father took copies of his CD The Day Of... and distributed them at Ground Zero. Wells said he wanted to provide some measure of comfort to those left with the daunting task of clearing the site. U.S."

Wells continued on this path of making inspirational melodies which touched the smooth jazz, adult contemporary and Christian communities. He has performed at churches, retreats, public theaters, fairs and festivals throughout the U.S. In the past 20 years, Wells has played in different nationally known bands, soloed for various TV ministries and other special events and ministered in churches, worship teams and special ministry. He has played during a Cincinnati Reds baseball game, for the Columbus Blue Jackets on ESPN and at various government events, such as for the West Virginia governor, state senators and several state legislatures.

For David Wells, the flugelhorn is ideal for reaching a spiritual level. "The trumpet itself is more bright and majestic," he tells in a press release. "The flugelhorn is more mellow and soothing. It is reflective in nature and the music opens people's souls and prepares them to receive the melodic sounds of the flugelhorn."

His upbringing has made him feel humble about his talent. "It's not about me," he shares in the press release, "It's about what God can do through ordinary people. My purpose and desire is to draw those I minister into a deeper place of worship. More than anything else, I want to encourage individuals to recognize and cultivate their God-given fits and calling, regardless of the limitations and barriers before them."

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: david wells
  • CD Title: More Love More Power
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Indie Release
  • Tracks: More Love More Power, Dance With My Father, Latin Sunset, The Day Of, Offering, It Is Well, Unconditional Love, We Fall Down, Standing On The Promises, How Sweet It Is, Strawberry Letter #23
  • Musicians: David Wells (flugelhorn, trumpet), Steve Sayre (electric guitar on “Offering”), Bob Beals (vocals on “Offering” and all other instruments), Paul Stucki, Cindy Sayre, Cindy Alber, Angie Miller, Andrea Stucki (backing vocals on “Offering“), and Danny Parson (bass guitar on “Strawberry Letter #23”)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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