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My So Fine by Andre Delano

Taking an interesting in saxophone at a very young age, Andre Delano’s third album My So Fine is proof that the saxophone has an effect on people. Delano says on his website, "I was introduced to the saxophone at around age seven. My father would take me over my older cousin’s house every weekend as he (my cousin) would be in the basement playing sax to his girlfriend. I sat and watched very closely as she would become totally enthralled by his playing. I remember her looking over at me as if she was embarrassed by her reactions, and she would then quietly whisper in my cousin’s ear, 'Can you please tell your little cousin to go back upstairs?'"

Enlisting the help of world-class players such as Yaronne Levy on guitar, Darrel Diaz on keyboards, Dewayne Smith on bass and featuring guest musicians as Byron Miller on bass, Kevin Toney on piano, Greg Adams on trumpet and Michael Ripoll on guitar, Delano has built an all-star cast.

Pianist Kevin Toney is featured on the song "Soultie." What really stands out is the smooth interplay between Toney and Delano. Delano and company put a marching band feel on "JSU Jam," named after his alma mater Jackson State University, featuring Delano on alto, soprano and tenor saxes, Dr. Jimmie James on announcements and Tremeris Sanders on tuba. On "I Do," Delano sings verse of "Never wonder if my love for you is forever true, when my heart is overflowin’ a burnin’ passion deep inside" and it easy to hear the passion Delano has not only for the saxophone but for his vocals as well.

Some people suggest that Andre Delano could be the Junior Walker of the new millennium. My So Fine is a combination of R&B, urban adult contemporary and smooth jazz. Not too many artists can say they have three different markets or genres covered. Andre Delano may have created his own niche, what they are calling smooth soul.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Andre Delano
  • CD Title: My So Fine
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: The Nu Groove
  • Rating: Four Stars
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