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No Limits by Nick Colionne

Guitarist Nick Colionne is without a doubt one of the most dynamic and skilled artists of his generation. Although he is looked upon as a smooth jazz musician, Nick should never be minimized in that manner. His well-rounded repertoire of music is unlimited in style and approach with a built-in consistency that erases the mundane. Watching Colionne in a live setting is definitely a treat as well, due in part to his charismatic stage presence and suave debonair "GQ" manner of dress. Whenever there is an opportunity to experience Nick Colionne in person or on one of his recordings, you had better grab the moment because he is an amazing musician. His latest CD entitled No Limits on the Koch Records label is yet another gem of a recording. This time out, Nick has seemingly released any creative encumbrances that may have been a hindrance in the past. The CD commands attention and is a jazz activated energy ray of emotion.

No Limits is an enthusiastic mixture of R&B, blues, vocals and contemporary jazz. Although the voice is definitely Colionne’s, there appears to be an expanded level of conveyance. The emotional impact of tracks such as "Melting Into You," "Until Tonight," "Anyway" and "Headin’ West Before Dawn" are haunting to say the least. The funk and circumstance heard on the title-track "No Litmits" and "The Big Windy Cat" exhibits more of Colionne’s rhythmic guitar nature. However, the other six tracks on the CD are just as inviting and pleasant to listen to. When Nick conceived the title of his latest release, he pushed the envelope of his intuitive creative spirit. Another aspect tied to No Limits is the limitless energy and heart-felt emotion that flows into the listener’s psyche, which easily creates anticipation for the next track, just to hear where the next journey goes.

With the release of No Limits, Nick Colionne has carried his craft to yet another level of infused auditory relevance. As an artist, his music has never been predictable and his brand of jazz is always top-notched. Another side of Nick’s music is his vocal side, as played out on "Melting Into You." When listening to his lyrical message, the emotional message is quite believable. The melodic grooves and lyrical statements are superbly done and there is definitely a message to be heard. Of all the recordings Nick Colionne has done, No Limits is a great addition to any jazz collection.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Nick Colionne
  • CD Title: No Limits
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Koch Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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