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NY LA by Steve Cole

After years of working with keyboardist/producer Brian Culbertson, saxophonist Steve Cole is blossoming into one of the most vibrant stars of smooth jazz. His first release for Warner Brothers is called NY LA and continues to become one of the up and coming superstars in smooth jazz. Cole continues to have Culbertson co-produce five of the tracks on the new CD, but this time Cole works with some different people to expand his musical maturity. He works with fellow saxophonist and producer David Mann on the East Coast to get a gritty feeling. He then goes to the West Coast to work with the Sonic Soul team of Susan Youngblood and Hami Dair to bring a different feeling to NY LA

From the Sonic Soul produced hit Off Broadway to the Mann produced Close Your Eyes, Free Your Mind, Steve Cole shows that he has upped the bar for smooth jazz performers. Each track has a special feeling to it and Cole seem to be comfortable with it. The strongest tracks on NY LA are the ones that Culbertson produced where Cole and Culbertson show the many sides of the Cole experience in both uptempo and slower numbers.

Another thing of note on NY LA is that this is the first time that Cole has used lead vocals on one of his releases. The new CD features Maui B. on Every Little Thing and Tonight It's On with Charlene Hines. Cole also tries to mix hip hop and rap with smooth jazz on Keep It Live with rapper Aloe Blacc and scatter Brevi. That track shows just what can be done to make rap and hip hop more acceptable to more people.

NY LA is Steve Cole's smooth jazz calling card. Having worked for years backing up other people, Cole knows what works and what doesn't. With great backup work from bassist Will Lee, guitarist Paul Jackson, percussionist Lenny Castro and former Miles Davis keyboardist Darren Johnson, NY LA brings out the best of today's Steve Cole and what can come up in the future from smooth jazz' next superstar.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Steve Cole
  • CD Title: NY LA
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Warner Brothers
  • Rating: Five Stars
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