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Pacific by Natural High

Tim Best is a British born instrumentalist with a knack for creating large smooth jazz arrangements as a solo artist. With his band Natural High, Best conjures up a dance groove offering on his Higher Octave Music release, performing all the instrumental tasks himself. The music is textured with synth and a very up front drum machine that percolates in each tune. Tim Best definitely knows how to groove but his music sounds like a soundtrack to a date movie flick or a Sade composition with out her vocals or bass player. Smooth Jazz audiences will be split on how they interpret this grooving project. On one hand, the music is very contemporary and it grooves with abandon but where is the jazz? You could hear early on in this project that the interaction of musicians is needed. Best has great grooves but without a great sax or melodic soloist the collection of tunes sound like .... ..Teckno Jazz! I also have a strange feeling of how this music would translate in a LIVE performance. Jazz has many incarnations but the interaction of the various musicians is basic yet paramount to the production of the final performance. I hear the project as film backgrounds or an extended dance mix collection other than most smooth jazz products but the one man show of Best deserves recognition in the way he can cover the instrumental bases efficiently. Hopefully, Tim Best will look to performing with other instrumentalist on another release and work his groove into the listener’s ear via a heartfelt melody.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Natural High
  • CD Title: Pacific
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Higher Octave Music
  • Musicians: Tim Best all instruments; keyboards, organ ,drum machine
  • Rating: Four Stars
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