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Players Club by Marion Meadows

Track one is a smooth jazz cut, here Marion holds the sax over his head and does a little dance and starts to play, chip comes out with the bass licks this sounds more like his prior music. Tracks 2, 3, 4, are songs to listen to with your earphone head set. Excellent soft music, makes your mind wonder, think about things around you or your surroundings. Track 5, has a Latin touch. This is the same sound that you hear in Chuck and Mark Antoine music. Tracks 6, 7, 10 are soft pieces that you can use as background music at any given occasion. Track 8, is a nice dance jazz track. I like the beat, this is where he sound so good, especially when he has the sax with that vibrating feature, and when he performs live he really plays, I like to see him when he puts his head down along with the soprano sax and just perform, then steps back and go into that semi turn move with his hands raised over his head. Track 9 the CD picks up and this is defiantly Marion. This is a track when he performs and the lights are low and he just serenades the audience, he does that little kick move away from the mike then feels the music, closes his eyes and performs, and at the end raises his head the sax drops from his lips both hands holding his instrument and he bows his head and thanks the audience, excellent track. I love the sound. Track 11 again has a Latin-salsa beat something to listen and node your head to or dance a little close if you are the floor, nice track; I hear this beat in most of his music. I like the lick where the sax fades in ad out and he plays that one continuous note. Marion always tries to reach more than one audience. He has such a broad following; sometimes it's get hard to please all. Marion is playing what sells in today's market. There are always individuals that want to hear different and more creative music, this is where an artist's creativity comes in, he/she has to be able to have talented writers, producers and artist that can make his music sound fresh and current. Remakes are OK, but you have to even expand on the sound so it can appreciated. That is why most artist play within a wide genre/range and with an assortment of artists. I feel that certain artist pigeonhole themselves within certain music formats, because they have a following that like to hear a certain sound, so when they (the artist or group) performs new music it is not widely excepted. Artist should not be afraid to venture out and appease other music audiences that is what stimulates growth and expands their music, along with their clientele base. Marion's new CD is softer and a bit conservative. That is why people need to support live jazz, for an artist to have 11+ CD and performed with everyone from a-z, he is on top of his music. Marion always sounds good to me old/new. I have always liked his style of music, it reaches all age ranges and even his past CD's are still selling. And to see him live makes you appreciate the music even more. Nice CD Marion! Job well done.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Marion Meadows
  • CD Title: Players Club
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Heads Up Records
  • Tracks: Players Club 4:35, Sweet Grapes 4:03, Wishing On A Star 4:24, The First Time 4:26, A Noche Privada 4:03, Suede 4:15, Romantica 5:35, Diggable 5:13, Step A Little Closer 3:54, Deska 5:07, After 6:00 5:11.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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