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Self-titled by Jeff Foxx

A radio DJ for 18 years who finally succumbed to the beckoning of his own heart and soul to jump into the "mix" with the other smooth jazz artists who are prospering (especially emotionally) from making sweet sounds, bassist Jeff Foxx of 98.7 KISS (WRKS-FM) in New York, launches his self-titled debut album. This album brings with it fiery funk, smooth soul caresses and the general sense that this artist/radio personality thoroughly enjoys what he's doing. Just listen to the hoots and laughter on track 1, and you’ll quickly get my point.

This is one album that will obviously see more airplay than that which may be given him by his own station. In fact, it is of such fine quality, I fully expect to hear this one on all of the major stations in no time. From the funky "let’s boogie" opener, "Sunset Drive" through the silky and inspirational "If You Look Into Your Heart," a tune led by the superb vocals of Tiffany Riddick and Cory Filmore, through the very mellow "Sunday Morning" (you can actually see and feel the sunshine and morning dew if you close your eyes) through my favorite, the bluesy "Starlight Blue" and beyond, this album is full of evidence that this was not simply thrown together, but thoroughly and meticulously conceptualized, realized and felt in the depths of Foxx’s being. That he can share what had to be a spiritual experience with us is both remarkable and gracious. That he should be so motivated by the drive prodding him into creating his own music speaks volumes about the bassist’s determination and vision. One great effort and production. You can proudly add this to your collection.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jeff Foxx
  • CD Title: Self-titled
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Jeff Foxx/Nerraj Records
  • Tracks: Sunset Drive, If You Look In Your Heart, Sunday Morning, Starlight Blue, Any Way Up, My Horn Cries, Midnight Affair, If You Look In Your Heart (instrumental)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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