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Share My Love by Frank Unzueta and One World

One World’s latest release Share My Love is to Latin-jazz what The Chieftains music is to Celtic-folk. One World’s album is like an encyclopedia of Latin music that demonstrates the various textures, rhythmic patterns and lush melodic cutlets that have enabled Latin music to evolve. Though much of the album contains regional pieces which are indigenous to the many parts of the Latin world, the album opens the general public’s eyes to this dominion of Caribbean, African, Mexican, Cuban, and South American influences. The music has graphic accents and towering vessels that correspond to people’s actions and emotions making each song a different story neatly boxed and accurately depicting the Latin culture.

The title track exemplifies a universal love in its festive jazz coda, while the introspective acoustics of "Un Hombre Esperando" narrate one man’s hope that the woman he loves will leave the man that she is with for him, expressed by the waterfall of salsa-jazz springs. The song "Southern Girl" is about a Mexican girl who falls in love with an American and becomes pregnant with his child leaving her lover in Mexico broken-hearted, and the spangled dancehall arrangements of "Tina Mas Fina" project a man’s need to find the woman whom he loves. The topics are archetypal of Latin culture, as too is the music with songs like " Got A Letter" and "Kongo" displaying influences of Los Lobos and Santana’s psychedelic jazz shades.

Produced by Rafia Sardina (Babyface, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin), Share My Love evokes feelings of joy and patience for those things that we cannot control. Many of the songs feel like big band recitals demonstrating the connection that Latin music has to its people like the crackling notes of "Orale" and the simmering tempo of "She Longed For His Love." The melodic platelets are articulate at summarizing the stories that have made the Latin culture and its music what it is, and charting their musical expressions with a genuine understanding of its people.

One World’s latest release is representative of Latin dancehall music. Led by keyboardist Frank Unzueta, the band has songs with gristles of orchestral tones while anchored by lively rhythms, winged by free-flowing guitar riffs, latticed by towering horns, and keyboards that relax themselves into the melodic patterns. The album has a big band sound with Latin hieroglyphics that update the encyclopedia of Latin music to present times.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Frank Unzueta and One World
  • CD Title: Share My Love
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Sunstone Records
  • Tracks: Share My Love; Got A Letter; Las Calles; Fully Loaded Chevy (Intro); Oralé; Tina Mas Fina; She Longed For His Love; Give Yourself To Me (Intro); Give Yourself To Me; Kongo; My Love Where Are You?; If You Were Mine; Un Hombre Esperando; Southern Girl; Julia (Espanol)
  • Musicians: Frank Unzueta – lead vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar; Alandras Brown – lead vocals, percussion; Mitchell Chavez – electric guitar; Al Salas – congas, percussion; Larry Steen – electric bass; Gail Gerding Mellert - electric violin, electric viola; Eric Marienthal – saxophones; uncredited musician on drums.
  • Rating: Three Stars
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