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Simple Twist Of Fate - DTS Does Dylan by Dave's True Story

It was just a few months ago when we were introduced to the music of Dave's True Story also known to their fans as DTS. What began as a duo in 1991, eventually became a trio with the addition of bassist/producer Jeff Eyrich. The New York City based band enjoys a very loyal following of fans. Their last album, Nature issued in the summer of 2005 caught my ear. Calling their particular brand of music "jazzy pop," Dave's True Story featured the writing of David Cantor and the unique song stylings of Kelly Flint. Nobody else sounds quite like Flint today. Three decades ago, the Canadian vocal group, The Bells, had a hit with "Stay Awhile." The lead vocalist was Jacki Ralph. The tune reached #7 on the North American charts in 1971. Jacki Ralph's seductive voice was close to the way Kelly Flint sells a song today.

DTS recently performed at a "Dylan Fest" held at a winery in upstate New York. The stipulation was only that the songs be 100% Bob Dylan. In spite of the band's fears that they wouldn't be liked, the audience of folk music fans asked if they could buy a CD. This album is the result.

Bob Dylan's songs are already a part of American "heritage" popular music and will be remembered by generations to come. DTS deliver the Dylan classics all wrapped up in their trademark style. One particular favorite is "If Dogs Run Free" featuring a fine vocal by David Cantor and a jazzy backup by Kelly Flint. The CD includes three takes of "You're A Big Girl Now." You'll hear the original concert version, an alternate mix and a shorter "radio edit." There are radio edit versions of two other tunes too. Unlike the major labels, budgets are limited and the shorter radio versions must be included on the commercial release.

The closer is an original penned and performed by Kelly Flint. It's an interesting piece called "Blood & Bone" and is the first Kelly Flint composition we've heard. Hopefully, she won't put the pen away. Sound samples are available at the band's website. While you're there, take a few minutes to listen to the earlier CD titled Nature. It's a better example of just how good Dave's True Story can be.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dave's True Story
  • CD Title: Simple Twist Of Fate - DTS Does Dylan
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Bepop Records
  • Rating: Three Stars
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