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Smoove On The Move by J. Dee Bolden

Saxophonist J. Dee Bolden is not shy about showing the love on his latest CD Smoove On The Move from Nu Groove Records. Produced by Bolden and Nu Groove’s President David Chackler, Smoove On The Move boasts Bolden’s talent as a prolific saxophonist fluent in the languages of smooth jazz, soft funk and R&B/soul. In addition to having a seductive tint in his vocals that gives his songs a little extra dollop of loving, his music is a synthesis of R&B-clad keyboards and billowy jazz-tamped ruffles pronged by attractive dance grooves. He binds these elements with a melodic sensibility liken to Kirk Whalum and a gentle probing reminiscent of Darren Rahn. Bolden’s music impresses on people that life is about enjoying every waking moment, and giving joy back to others.

The light percolating twits in Bolden’s sax are fitted to the comfy R&B-laced mounds along "It’s On A Crackin’" moving with a soul-funk stride. The valves open up to accommodate the hip-hop-inspired streaks of "Boom Ba Boom Boom Boom" and Bolden’s saxophone struts with an air of confidence through "Too Hip Fa Seafood." The soft-celled percussive beats of "Coast Rollin’" are glossed in sleek, slippery saxophones slides, which respond to the party vibe of "I’m Bout To Bust A Move On Ya" with a netting of shooting sparks. The undulating grooves of Tommy Organ’s guitar strings in "Zoom Zoom" have a funky gait polished by Bolden’s saxophone, which whips elegantly around the keyboards stripes with a sensual twining.

J. Dee extends and retracts his notes with a smooth elasticity that fills his tunes in festive romps and buoyant grooves. Smoove On The Move is shaded in a playful array of soul-inspired colors and R&B-stroked shivers that wiggle and flutter vivaciously, while tasseling Bolden’s vignettes in ornamental fringes glued together with a smooth jazz binding. It’s an album that is driven by love and influences others to make love, too.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: J. Dee Bolden
  • CD Title: Smoove On The Move
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: NuGroove Records
  • Tracks: It’s On a Crackin’, Boom Ba Boom Boom Boom, Coast Rollin’, Let’s Walk, Smoove On The Move, I’m Bout To Bust A Move On Ya, To Hip Fa Seafood, Is This Cool Or What, Don’t You Worry Bout A Thang, Get Gone, Keep It Moving Baby, Zoom Zoom, Ask Myself, Yawdbird Instrumental
  • Musicians: J. Dee Bolden (vocals, soprano saxophone, keyboards, drum programming), Claude J. Woods Jr. (background vocals), Tommy Organ (guitar), U’Pal R. King (background vocals), Big Hoss (vocals)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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