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So Far From Home by Torcuato Mariano

How Torcuato Mariano makes his keyboards sing is awe-inspiring. His latest release So Far From Home is fraught with picturesque escapes, lushly feathered chord patterns, euphoric hooks and velvety textures. Produced by Mariano, So Far From Home is ridged in smooth jazz ripples and coated in buttery caresses. Assisting Mariano on the recording are keyboardists Davi Feldman, Andri Vasconcelos, Paulo Calasans and Bruno Cardoso, bassist Neil Stubenhaus, saxophonist and flautas player Marcelo Martins, trumpeter Fabinho Costa, accordion player Alessandro BB, drummers Vinnie Colaiuto, Renato Massa and Pedro Mamede and special guests Hamilton de Holanda on bandolin and Michael Lington on alto saxophone. Together, they make beautiful music.

Leading off with the title track, Mariano immerses the listener in a world of total tranquility sutured in pearly string arrangements and gently rolling hills along the chord progressions. The soft arches of Martins flautas in "New World" are embellished with wispy flutters and balladry licks, while "Back To The Road" is imprinted with an upbeat tempo and jutting keyboards as the puffy saxophone toots and deep toned organ swirls cover the top and bottom registers of the tune.

The smooth jazz swathes of "British Time" are watered in buoyant saxophone spirals and flighty flautas twirls which create a fertile turf for the dance grooves. "Tell Me Your Dreams" features the silky lacing of saxophonist Michael Lington as the summery vibe of the tune produces a cool simmering bath of sensations. Mariano dips into the cool jazz side of the spectrum with the creamy riffs of "Midnight Words" and the lover's lair of softly winding coils in "Blues Days."

The gentle twittering and lacy fluttering of "Ipanema Sunset" has a Latin charisma and the jazzy bass curls of "DF" weave around the lounging keyboards. The album closes with its pinnacle "Magic House" featuring the scintillating bandolin vibrations of Hamilton de Holanda and the tango-styled accordion keys of Alessandro BB, cinched by Italian-scented arpeggios in Mariano's keyboards.

Torcuato Mariano displays a charisma that is love-inducing and tranquilly inflamed. His latest release So Far From Home makes one wish that life at home felt like this. It's an album that listeners may want to take with them during their bubble baths because it certainly transports their minds and bodies someplace where living feels good. When life throws you lemons, Mariano's album will make it feel so much sweeter.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Torcuato Mariano
  • CD Title: So Far From Home
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: NuGroove Records
  • Tracks: So Far From Home, New World, Back To The Road, British Time, Tell Me Your Dreams, DF, Ipanema Sunset, Midnight Words, Blues Days, Magic House
  • Musicians: Torcuato Mariano (keyboards), Davi Feldman (piano, keyboards), Andre Vasconcelos (keyboards, bass), Paulo Calasans (Hammond B3, piano), Bruno Cardoso (Fender Rhodes), Fabinho Costa (flugelhorn, trumpet), Marcelo Martins (flautas, tenor saxophone), Michael Lington (alto saxophone), Neil Stubenhaus (bass), Vinnie Colaiuta, Renato Massa, Pedro Mamede (drums), Hamilton de Holanda (bandolin, Alessandro BB (accordion)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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