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So Inclined by Speed of Sound

O Fusion! Where Art Thou? Or: What hath Corea wrought? I can’t try to be "funny" anymore - this platter by Speed of Sound done went and put the kibosh on my humor centers. Is it really that dreadful? I hear your internal monologue say.... well, yes, sadly. There’s some fine, focused playing by the principals here, so I can’t fault the musicianship. It’s what they do with it - as rock & roll had the Carpenters, 1980s jazz had Chuck Mangione, the Swing Era had Guy Lombardo, and.... neo-/post 80s-fusion has Speed of Sound. So Inclined is basically Return To Forever Lite (the RTF edition circa No Mystery) - innocuously pretty melodic themes with clean (as in: hygienic), wax-floor glossy flights of improvisation, full of twittering synthesizer and "soaring" guitar solos and "perky" rhythms. Next to Incognito, Jan Hammer’s music for the Miami Vice TV show sounds like Miles’ Live-Evil and makes Earl Klugh sounds like Jimi Hendrix. I hereby sentence the musicians comprising SoS to seven days of house arrest, with plenty of discs by Miles, Tony Williams’ Lifetime, Eddie Harris, Les McCann, Herbie Mann, Larry Young, and the original Mahavishnu Orchestra to immerse themselves in...and no TV, either.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Speed of Sound
  • CD Title: So Inclined
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Tundra
  • Musicians: Mark Bacilla (guitar, guitar synth), Andy Myers (keys), Jim Ybarra (electric bass), Dave Paviol (drums, perc)
  • Rating: One Star
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