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Soul Symphony by Will Downing

Passion, sensuality and pure romance are delivered with a soft, soulful voice, embracing love. Leading up to the moment of ultimate rapture, Will Downing opens Soul Symphony with "Put Me On."

Collaborating with longtime friends and most masterful artists like Rex Rideout, Chris Davis and Ronnie Garrett, Downing has maintained a top spot on the smooth jazz, R&B and mainstream urban music charts since the early 1980s. As fads and trends came and went, Downing stayed true to himself and thrived as a multi-million seller, as others faded away. Soul Symphony is Downing’s twelfth album in his steady stream of successes.

"Crazy Love" has an up-tempo, airy background voicing stylish, yet fully complementary to Downing’s gentle ballad. "What’s It Gonna Be" is co-written by Brian McKnight and Brandon Barnes, with Chuck Loeb on guitar; Soft and smooth, just right for the eleventh hour that time when temptation takes over, "What’s It Gonna Be" asks that question we each ask when our mind says no but our bodies say 'yes'.

Deep and rich, Downing’s voice gets even more sensual with "A Promise," suggesting love is forever.

Downing offers three original compositions: each as heartfelt as the one following it. "Make Time For Love" is a warm reminder of the need to take time for what counts in life. "Will Still Loves You" is offered for those women too busy raising children, taking care of home, who get forgotten during daily struggles. Downing wants them to know they are not forgotten. "Heart Of Mine" is Downing’s message of special tenderness to the woman in his life.

Bringing this album to a special place, Downing dares to perform "Superstar," a song originally done by the Carpenters but redone forever by Luther Vandross. Admittedly a little intimidated by this undertaking, Downing decided he would simply do "Superstar" the best he could and he did it to superb perfection. The long stretches are smooth, drawing, yet full of the soul this song was designed to elicit. And, those high notes--!

Known as the "Prince of Sophisticated Soul," it’s no wonder Downing stays on top of the charts by being himself. He has a rare talent for carrying a song where it’s supposed to go deep into the listener’s heart and soul.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Will Downing
  • CD Title: Soul Symphony
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Verve
  • Tracks: 1. Put Me On 2. Crazy Love 3. Whats It Gonna be 4. A Promise 5. Make Time For Love 6. Soul Steppin' 7. Will Still Loves You 8. Superstar 9. Heart Of Mine '
  • Musicians: Rex Rideout, Chris Big Dog' Davis
  • Rating: Five Stars
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