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Sumthin Good by Lin Roundtree

As one of the up and coming stars of the 21st century, trumpeter Lin Roundtree has honed his skills with some of the most prominent artists in the smooth jazz arena. During his brief career, Lin has played with KEM, Dwele, Tim Bowman, Peter White and a host of other notable musicians. Known for his soulful interpretation of groove oriented melodies, Roundtree has been systematically giving his cadre of fans and critics something to talk about. Following his 2005 release entitled Groovetree, which was a huge hit, Lin’s latest CD entitled Sumpthin’ Good cuts the same harmonious path of effervescent nuances.

Although Sumthin’ Good retraces the path taken on Lin’s previous release, this recording is not a trip down memory lane. There are 13 tracks of some serious sounding grooves containing an outstanding array of solid musical progressions. Tunes such as "She's A Woman," "All The Way," "Chillin' On" and "Get Away" are true standouts. By any measure of characterization, Lin Roundtree has fallen under an umbrella of smooth jazz. However, closer scrutiny reveals evidences of stylized contemporary influences.

Released in April, 2008, Sumthin’ Good is a recording that requires a considerable measure of oversight due in part to the novelty of Lin’s instrument. Historically the trumpet has made numerous contributions to jazz lore. However, in the smooth jazz arena there are limited opportunities for exposure. Other than artists such as Chris Botti, Rick Braun and Greg Adams, the list becomes very short. In retrospect, Lin Roundtree is definitely in a very elite group of specialized musicians.

When listening to Sumthin’ Good, there is a note of originality and purpose attached to the recording. Lin and his host of merry men that includes guitarist Perry Hughes and bassist Roberto Valley have blended a unique mix of synthesized melodies and jaw dropping dynamics. It seems that whenever Lin Roundtree goes into the studio, musical bliss is the result. As a sophmore recording artist, Lin’s track record speaks volumes about his abilities as an artist. In pushing the alluring appeal of his fantastic sound, his appeal can be found in the freshness of his sound. In the end, this newest CD from trumpeter Lin Roundtree is a great addition to any jazz library.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Lin Roundtree
  • CD Title: Sumthin Good
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Rating: Four Stars
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