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Supercharged by Down to the Bone

This album should have come with a warning: Contains high octane energy & unbridled funk. Contents may be prone to ignite upon removing CD wrapper! Stuart Wade and this master funk crew from across the Atlantic just don’t know the word "miss," do they? With a Midas aura, everything they touch turns in a golden dance hit! This latest inferno is another example. One point of delight for me is the fact that sensational saxman Shilts Wiemar is reunited here with brilliant keyboardist Neil Angilley on tracks 3 and 9, and that Angilley honky tonk funk rebounds with a vengeance. Of course, that’s to take absolutely nothing away from the honky tonky funky keys of Neil Cowley. In fact, the entire DTTB gang sets out to pour over us their traditional kind of major funk that brings on the sweatfest. This is the type of tight, precise, controlled (but not too controlled), artistic brilliance that raises the bar for smooth and acid jazz alike.

Work this one out in the gym or on the dance floor. It doesn’t matter. In either case, you’re bound to burn calories and take to the showers afterward! They’ve even ushered in one of the original kings of fusion, Roy Ayers, on track 6, "Electric Vibes" (what else?) for some cool vibe work to add another dimension.

The bass lines throughout this album, always a catalyst for motion in this group, take on a life of their own, in time with the crazily antsy drums. Guest vocals by Hil St. Soul on track 5, "Smile to Shine," and Corinna Greyson on track 8, appropriately titled "Shake It Up," only send the album further into the far reaches of the galaxy.

As has become typical for DTTB, each tune is around five to six minutes long. Still, I want to know: Guys, can you release a dance mix of this entire album with double the playing time?? I just didn’t wanna stop dancing! Ah, Dr. Feelgood, I’ll have a dose of whatever they’re having!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Down to the Bone
  • CD Title: Supercharged
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Narada Jazz
  • Rating: Five Stars
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