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Sweet Thing by Boney James

Since 1992 Boney James has hit the Jazz music scene with hit after astonishing hit. Boney has definitely made his mark on Contemporary Jazz history. For example, with his 1995 release, "Seduction", he broke all records on the R & R NAC music charts by holding the #1 slot for 17 consecutive weeks. Boney's latest release "Sweet Thing" is just what the name states, a sweet thing. The Sweet Thing single "Nothin' But Love" has also been #1 and holding for the past four weeks on the NAC charts. Boney compares his latest musical achievement against his previous works by saying "This is very much in line with my previous work. I just pushed out the boundaries a little further."

Boney brings out his best to give music fans another album to remember. With much of contemporary jazz sounding more and more alike, I was quite impressed with originality that Boney instilled in this new release. On the track "I Still Dream" Boney features the creative and innovative vocals of Al Jarreau. This dynamic duo is touring the country together this summer and I was fortunate to see them in concert in Milwaukee this past June. The concert was exceptional with the highlight being Al Jarreau sneaking out on stage to sing this ballet with Boney and totally astounding the crowd. This song touches the soul with its smooth lyrics and romantic melody. You will want to find the one you love after listening to this song and snuggle up close for the rest of the night.

This CD features a collection of beautifully orchestrated tunes that will please your ears for years to come. Buy this CD and your ears will thank you.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Boney James
  • CD Title: Sweet Thing
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 1997
  • Record Label: Warner Bros.
  • Musicians: Alex Al : Bass, Keyboards; Jeff Carruthers : Keyboards; Lenny Castro : Percussion; Paulinho Da Costa : Percussion; Daddy Shakespeare : Keyboards; D. Harvey : Vocals; Jerry Hey : Flugelhorn; Dan Higgins : Sax (Tenor); Paul Jackson, Jr. : Guitar; Boney James : Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals; Larry Kempel : Bass; Maxayn Lewis : Vocals; Tony Maiden : Guitar, Vocals; Bill Reichenbach : Trombon;e Lil John Roberts : Drums; Dan Shea : Keyboards; Darrell Smith : Keyboards; John Stoddart : Keyboards; David Torkanowsky : Keyboards; Peter White : Guitar
  • Rating: Five Stars
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