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The Bridge by Hiroshima

Seven fresh, talented artists provide a rounded combination of instrumentals and vocals, creating an interesting, very listenable CD-- A splendid variety of soulful ballads, pleasant listening and magnificent instrumental interplay.

Eternal Phoenix sets the CD off with an Asian appeal reminiscent of the mysterious Orient.

Mixing things up, Caravan Of Love, a funky Isley Brothers’ tune highlights lead singer Terry Steele, with his silky, sultry voice. Steele has a wide range of tones.

I Just Wanna Hang Around You is another familiar tune with Terry Steele showing his smooth voice and ability to reach into the listener’s emotions.

Manzanar is punctuated with acoustic piano and the fine sound of light strings and June Kuramoto playing Koto.

Telling the story of Seven Rivers flowing, speaking of children’s voices for hopes and dreams, the group offers a prayer for peace.

Eleven tracks take the listener through romantic moments, to airy ballads and high end runs on the keyboard.

Hiroshima should become a much better known group in the near future.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Hiroshima
  • CD Title: The Bridge
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Heads Up
  • Tracks: Tracks: Eternal Phoenix, Caravan of Love, Shaka Phonk, Believe, Revelation, Another Wish, I Just Wanna Hang Around You, Manzanar, Viven, Sanju, Seven Rivers
  • Musicians: Dean Cortez: bass, vocals, Kimo Cornwell: keyboards, acoustic piano, B-3, June Kuramoto: Koto, percussion, Dan Kuramoto: saxophones, flutes, shakuhachi, keyboards, vocals, Terry Steele: lead vocal, percussion, Fred Schreuders: guitars, vocals, Danny Yamamoto: drums, taiko, percussion
  • Rating: Five Stars
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