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The Pearl by Aquanote

For an invigorating and imaginative entry into the smooth jazz category with touches of world music, THE PEARL stands as a highly memorable collection of music composed by Gabriel Rene who is Aquanote. The artwork on the flyer accompanying the CD is excellent and reflective of the great songs in the collection!

There are 15 songs in this collection. Each one is different musically and each one has great lyrics. Everything comes together in THE PEARL. This is a CD collection that will attract a large listening audience with its nice sound.

Some of the songs are "Waiting," "All Over You," "One Wish," "Come Around," "When Angels Cried," among others. "Water Psalm I" featuring the voice of Kimiko Joy is a great little song; compact, enjoyable. "When Angels Cried" featuring the voice Caetlin Cornwell is another sweet gem as is "The Last One" featuring the voice of Omega Brooks. Each song will appeal to different jazz listeners for different reasons.

THE PEARL is an imaginative collection of 15 new jazz compositions from the composer Gabriel Rene, and performed by Aquanote. THE PEARL is highly recommended.

This is smooth jazz at its best. This CD would be an ideal gift for a friend or a lover. Classic smooth jazz. Excellent production values. 1 song, not composed by Gabriel Rene, is included in this excellent collection: Ellis/Nicholas' "Leave." Purchase a copy of this one quickly and share it with a loved one!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Aquanote
  • CD Title: The Pearl
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Naked Music Recordings
  • Rating: Five Stars
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