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The Right Time by Rob Tardik

Rob Tardik, a 2010 Guitarist of the Year nominee for the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, resonates of good cheer on his newest CD The Right Time. Playing all electric, acoustic and flamenco-nylon string guitars, Tardik is an artist whose talents should not be locked up in a music conservatory training aspiring guitarists. There is too much sunshine radiating from his playing that needs to be unleashed. His music cradles listeners in a cozy warmth reminiscent of cottony-cloud softness.

Accompanied by saxophonist Carson Freeman, bassist Curtis Freeman, keyboardist Davor Jordanovski, and drummer Jeff Salem, Tardik’s music is a sonic vision of bliss and all the enjoyable sensations that life has to offer. Implementing elements of smooth jazz and contemporary pop, Tardik’s instrumentals provide an inviting escape for audiences with fields of serenely sedate vapors and gently grazing sensations.

His guitar strings are tasseled in ruminating piano keys and plumes of soothing saxophone billows through "Frame Of Mind." Tardik administers a balmy treatment in his chord progressions along "Flow," depicting an island breeze and transitions into a romantic hue in the soft sway of his chords gliding across "Summer Nights." The music projects an intimate setting in "Virtue," with calming strokes that act like a soothing ointment on the senses, as the upbeat tempo of "Cruisin" and "Flip Flop" injects a dance groove into the mix. The title track and "Smoothy" have a comfy, pulsating rhythm that turns into a dancehall vibe in "Bounce." There is a hint of old-fashioned romanticism in Tardik’s music though he never loses touch with elements of contemporary melodicism.

The main objective of Tardik’s music is to provide pleasure to listeners and he does so effectively on his recording The Right Time. It is an album that listeners can sit back and play to over and over again without ever feeling tired of being engulfed in its rolling waves of tranquility. He offers an escape that promotes blissful moods and cheerful ambiences. The Right Time is the follow up to Tardik’s debut album Without Words and furthers establishes Rob Tardik as a persuasive smooth jazz artist.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rob Tardik
  • CD Title: The Right Time
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Self-Released
  • Tracks: Cruisin, Frame Of Mind, Flip Flop, The Right Time, Smoothy, Bounce, Flow, You Know What I Mean, Summer Nights, That’s A Strut, Virtue, Waiting For Rain
  • Musicians: Rob Tardik (guitar), Carson Freeman (saxophone), Curtis Freeman (bass guitar), Davor Jordanovski (keyboards), Jeff Salem (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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