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The World Is Mine by Morgan Bouldin

Morgan Bouldin has been in the music business for the past twenty years. Bouldin is from Houston Texas and has worked in the R&B and jazz genres. In 1996 he launched his independent Heart Sound label. His latest release, "The World Is Mine" is the third release for the smooth jazz/R&B artist Morgan Bouldin. This newest album is equally as creative as his previous two releases. Every track has been written, performed and produced by Morgan Bouldin. Bouldin greatly appreciates various cultures and this love for world music is reflected in his songs. Bouldin has written his CD liner notes and explains the stories behind each track.

"The World Is Mine" is the title first track. Kym Smith’s vocals and Bouldin’s smooth piano skills are mesmerizing. "All Day Long" is suave and funky with an infectious melody. Bouldin narrates in his liner notes that "My Groove" is "the result of what I call a spontaneous combustion because I literally wrote this song in minutes. I named it my groove because I think it typifies my style with tight, funky drum patterns and deep, low, syncopated bass patterns and repetitive keyboard riffs and arrangements with chordal harmonies."

"More Bounce To The Ounce" highlights what a gifted artist Morgan Bouldin really is. He seemingly effortlessly blends R&B with jazz and it works. "Faz Frio" is a alluring interlude. According to the liner notes, "They help the writer to better tell his story more subtly. As a composer, you not only want a person to listen and enjoy your music, you also want them to think about it. This is the greatest compliment any artist can get."The interlude seamlessly segues into Bouldin’s rendition of the timeless Oleta Adams tune. The next track "Slave Beat" is "in commemoration to the African slaves that first landed on the beaches of Salvador, Brazil." "Jazz Music Box" is a dub of the Santana hit, "Black Magic Woman" and the Blackbird’s "Walking In Rhythm." This track is slick and sizzling. The album continues with the tracks, "U Know What Time It Is", "Kyle’s Groove", "Tudo Bem", "My Groove (short version)", "All Night Long (reprise)", The World Is Mine (short version)."

"The World Is Mine" is a brilliant endeavor, and I highly recommend that you add this to your collection it will broaden your horizons and you will have a new found appreciation for the various types of world music.

Key tracks to listen for, "The World Is Mine," "My Groove," "Faz Frio (interlude)," "Get Here" and "Jazz Music Box."

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Morgan Bouldin
  • CD Title: The World Is Mine
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Heart Sound
  • Tracks: The World Is Mine, All Day Long, My Groove, More Bounce To The Ounce, Faz Frio (Brazilian Interlude), Get Here, Slave Beat, Jazz Music Box, U Know What Time It Is, Kyle’s Groove, Tudo Bem, My Groove (Short Version), All Night Long (Reprise), The World Is Mine (Short Version)
  • Musicians: Kelly Dean (sax), Al Pagliuso (Percussion), Kym Smith (vocals), Joe Carmouche (acoustic guitar), Vernon Daniels (drums), Milford Spivey (bass), Morgan Bouldin (keyboards, piano, music, horn, and vocal arrangements, drum and synthesizer programming), Victor De LaGarza (guitar), Kevin Needham (sax), Kenny Borack (trumpet), Paul Chevalier (guitar), Linus “L.A.” Anderson (drums), Ken Mondshine (sax), Corey Stoot (guitar), Paula Adams (background vocals)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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