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Time to Suttledown by Jeffery B. Suttles

Oh, this is some good stuff, believe it! This drummer/composer has the definite feel to be the formidable star he should be. He opens with a tested oldie "I’ll Always Love You" and claims it as his own. I really like the clear solid rhythm section on this and all the pieces (they’re only four, regrettably). In fact, this is actually a very clear production. The guitar riffs, the rhythm guitar and keyboard chords and, of course, Suttles’ thick, masterful drumming combined with crystal clear cymbals are all very distinct. Very solid piece.

Cut two, "From the Other Side of the Canyon," has a really infectious, smooth jazz rhythm that catches you immediately. If you’re around the house doing other things, this tune will definitely cause you pause, "Suttle" down and take notice, just because it’s.... NICE! Again, there is the pronounced rhythm complimenting the splendid sax work.

The 3rd piece, "Sweet Pleasures," has that nice, tight, Sade-like rhythm (did I mention that I like the rhythms on this CD??) and we’re also treated to some really impressive flute and off-the-chain keyboard work (oh, there are some great keys here on this CD, including the illustrious Patrice Rushen!).

The CD closes with the title track, bidding you goodbye in funk-laced style. Suttles is very present here (as if he hadn’t been throughout this fine project)! This 4-track "sampler" is only disappointing in that it’s so short! I absolutely love uncovering fresh talent like Suttles. You want to get this one. Jeffery, ya gotta offer more cuts, my man! You’re cheating tons of fans and shortchanging the magnificent talent you have. Let ‘em experience all you are! You do have it like that!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jeffery B. Suttles
  • CD Title: Time to Suttledown
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Backhouse Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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