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Up In It by Tony Adamo

I recently got a little glimpse into the future. Not by a crystal ball or a travelling soothesayer but by a copy of the sampler CD from The Smooth Jazz Site favorite Tony Adamo. This sampler, featuring 4 cuts from Tony's upcoming album, Up In It, shows the progression he's making as one of the few, true male smooth jazz singers in the industry. The first song is a very sultry little number called Lolita. It's a passionate look at a lady the through the eyes of one who is totally smitten by her luscious looks. Next is the title track Up In It, a groovy song that lets Tony open up a little more than usual. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - give us some more, Tony. This is followed by Hey Lou. Now, I'm not sure who Lou is but he should be honored that Tony's singing such a great song to him. It's got a good bop to it that is at once smooth, groovy and soulful. Finally, Groove Therapy is a jazzy piece that promises even more funk in the future.

In my review of Tony Adamo's first album, Dance Of Love, my biggest complaint was that Tony seemed to be holding back a strong vocal talent and not giving us everything he's got. From this sampling of his new album I still don't think we've heard everything he has to offer but there is definately improvement and the promise of even better things to come. Keep an eye and ear on Tony, you'll probably be hearing a lot from him soon. --Derick Winterberg,

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