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You and I by Igor

For a man who has traveled almost around the world, the saxophonist simply know as Igor is one of the brightest smooth jazz talents around. After learning the saxophone as a high school student in Moscow and learning his trade at the Conservatory of Music in Russia, Igor moved to Australia and has become one of Australia's biggest contemporary artists. His latest release called You and I could make Igor one of the best up and coming artists in the United States.

Igor's style in some ways matches Kenny G's. On tracks like I Remember You and Another Star, Igor shows he has feeling for the sensitive side of a song. He does this without all of the unnecessary notes that Kenny G sometimes gives so the inward feeling of the song comes through.

In other areas, Igor shows that he is more versatile than Kenny G. You and I presents all the diversity that will make Igor the next international star. On Mr. Twister, Igor show he can play a funky groove as well as the best of them. Igor can get down and bluesy with Another Day in Sydney and can be in a reflective mood in Shelly Beach.

There are very few saxophonists who try to match the style of Kenny G. Igor does more than match his style, he sets his own. Igor could be the next instrumentalist to have a worldwide following that could eclipse many of the other instrumental performers, such as John Tesh or Yanni. You and I has the potential and Igor has the talent.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Igor
  • CD Title: You and I
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: FigorO Music Australia
  • Rating: Four Stars
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