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One Never Knows, Do One? by Myanna

Myanna Pontoppidan is not your typical jazz musician. A saxophonist extraordinaire, Myanna blows up a storm in her new release One Never Knows, Do One? A Boston based veteran musician who's experience spans decades, she was a founding member of the 80s local rock band Girls Night Out, later joined The Love Dogs then founded her own band, called simply Myanna. On this album, which is dedicated to the late Illinois Jacquet who had a deep influence in Myanna's musical development, she demonstrates the depth of her skills as she plays the alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxes on this nine track CD.

The music weaves in an out from the contemporary to a bluesy colored slant with a funky/jazz overtone. The tunes are lively with a funk-infused organ-based style. Six of the nine cuts are original compositions by Ms. Pontoppidan. The opener "Slippin' Down" begins with an intro by Dave Limina on the Hammond B3 organ and finds Myanna on both alto and tenor with some cool solos. "Intrepidation," a word made up by Myanna, is a real good head bopping tune. "Cold Sweat" was never one of my favorite James Brown numbers, but Myanna manages to jazz it up a bit enough to make some jazz sense of it. A lovely melancholy and delicious Latin ballad piece is Myanna's "El Corazon Solo".

"Chillin' At The Lake" is one of those true funky/jazz cuts way to funky for me. "One World" turns out to be a percussive catchy number and favorite of mine. "For Illinois," is a chart written by Myanna as a tribute to Jacquet. "Vintage Love," the slowest and mellowest track on the album also finds Ed Scheer on vocals. Myanna saved the best for last with the finale "Road Rhythm," a real jazzy cut with Myanna performing some passionate sax solos.

If you like your jazz in an upbeat funky style, then One Never Knows is an album for you. It's a funky/jazz experience that showcases fresh original charts and exceptional versatility and musicianship by sax woman Myanna with an unquestioned confirmation that "one does know" that Myanna can swing!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Myanna
  • CD Title: One Never Knows, Do One?
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Bridge City Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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