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A Long Time Ago... by Tom Gavornik

Tom Gavornik, a very capable guitarist/composer with a few releases under his belt, has run the gamut between rock and jazz, going from Clapton and Hendrix to Miles and Benson. These "travels" have honed his skills and style tremendously. Rising above personal crises and trials, he is proving here with his gesture to donate much of the proceeds from the sale of this album to victims of child abuse that he is a man of huge compassion and depth. A man with purpose and conviction. He is to be highly commended for that.

A lot of the music here is a little atypical for straight-ahead jazz. Also, and unfortunately, the rather thin melodies didn’t paint any pictures or provide any excitement for me. I get the sense that this was more of an introspective than anything else, and, as such, is a bit self-indulgent (though, I’m sure, not intentionally so). Track 5, "God Smiles On Me Too" might be an example.

Gavornik’s cause is mighty and should be acted upon by every single person alive. However, from where I stand, the album is not nearly as mighty as that cause. Nonetheless, there are bright spots that clearly demonstrate his skill. For example, there’s the light and airy track 4, "Little Friends," and the upbeat "Hey Jim, It’s In "‘F’" at track 7.

I do wish Tom Gavornik all the best in his endeavor to open the eyes of the world to the nightmare lived by so many. I just wish that the album had a lot more melodic weight. Still, check it out, if only to keep his tremendous crusade alive.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tom Gavornik
  • CD Title: A Long Time Ago...
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Mia Mind Music
  • Rating: Two Stars
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