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Comin Up For Air by Bogey Vujkov

Born in Yugoslavia, Bogey Vujkov has worked his way into the hearts of music lovers across America since moving here in 1955. Studying with Julliard instructors, Rudolf Firkusny and Bevridge Webster, Vujkov won the Phoenix Symphony First Young Performer's Solo Competition in 1962. In 1964, Vujkov won the Milwaukee Symphony guild Piano Scholarship before entering the famous Julliard School of Music.

After all these years, Bogey Vujkov is finally releasing his debut CD, Comin' Up For Air, a 13 track album, mostly composed by Vujkov. A Steinway Jazz Artist in Residence in the Sherman Clay store in Seattle, Vujkov teaches the 'power players.'

America is fortunate to have such a gifted pianist finally sharing his skills with the world via this lively, emotional album.

Rich, deep piano tones --perky, yet strolling, accompanied by upbeat percussion makes "Comin' Up For Air," a breath of fresh air, with strings in the background. At times, this is like a march, but not quite. Coming back with another peppy tune, Vujov shows a long range on piano as the vast string arrangement displays strong emotional tones for "Blossom Time."

More sentimental, "You Are," shows Vujkov's ability to work the entire keyboard while letting the mellow percussion stand out in a dance with the strings that is enticing, expressive of love.

"Strut" is just what is needed to get the listener on his/her feet after the previous solemn tune. "Strut" is alive with a hot, outstanding percussive rhythm in front of a racing keyboard. Nothing tame about this tune. Lots of energy in this track.

"A Tune For Howard" is a keyboard dance-- enchanting, yet brazen, tempo with a massive percussion and a strong bass solo. A voracious drum solo expands this tune to a listener's delight. "Autumn In Seattle" allows the strings front stage, bringing pictures to mind of a rainy season, readying for winter's forthcoming hibernation. As Vujkov cascades the keyboard, the falling leaves of autumn bring a settling peace within.

Drawing a picture with "Three Sketches," Vujkov gets soft and gentle on keyboard, articulating each note as a divine entity.

"Say It" is written by Frank Loesser and Jimmy McHugh. Deep piano chords and spiritedly leaps on the high end of the keyboard make this rapturous melody an interesting composition, full of range, texture and emotion.

"A Nightingale Sang In Berkley," composed by Manning Sherwin, is an appropriate closure to this CD, as a nostalgic, solemn Steinway reminds us of the former grand tracks featured on Comin' Up For Air.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Bogey Vujkov
  • CD Title: Comin Up For Air
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: BogeyJazz
  • Rating: Five Stars
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