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Contradictions by Christian Jacob Trio

Brilliant! That is the first thing that came to my mind after listening through this CD the first time. I'll grant you, the material, compositions of Michel Petrucciani, is brilliant to begin with. Jacob's arrangements, interpretations and executions are equally brilliant.

The first time I saw Michel Petrucciani was at the JVC Newport Jazz Festival. He commanded the entire audience. Thousands sat in silence, with little more than breathing being heard while Petrucciani bathed them all in the brilliance of his compositions, and his masterful playing.

In this recording of Contradictions: A Look at the music of Michel Petrucciani, The Christian Jacob Trio brought back the spirit of Petrucciani, and took it to another level. It was as if Michel had channeled himself through the gifts of Christian and was able to "live" again. This being said, I must confess that the interpretation of the music was pure Christian Jacob. Respect was paid to all the important elements of the compositions, and yet the signature was Jacob. It is a wonderful piece of work. I am a convert, a newly proclaimed fan of Christian Jacob. I have been aware of his work, but not familiar with his talent.

The Christian Jacob Trio is an extremely talented group. They are consumate musicians who pull off this project brilliantly. There is that word again! But I must say it is the case in this recording. I listen to this disc and I hear the master himself, nuances of that Petrucciani sound, the technique, the timing, all of it. The band ties it all together for you.

Christian Jacob is a French-trained classical pianist who cut his Jazz teeth at an early age and sharpened them with the likes of Gary Burton and Maynard Furguson after studying at Berklee College of Music. His first trio effort featured the likes of Peter Erskine and John Pattitucci.

The Christian Jacob Trio is a tight group, they execute well together. They pay homage to the late Petrucciani by delivering a sound interpretation, then taking it to another level. A real joy to listen to, this disc is highly recommended for Petrucciani fans, and all jazz fans alike.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Christian Jacob Trio
  • CD Title: Contradictions
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: WilderJazz
  • Tracks: Looking Up, Even Mice Dance, Dumb Breaks, Colors, Brazilian Suite, Contradictions, Rachid, 13th, Memories of Paris, Brazilian Suite No.2, My Bebop Tune
  • Musicians: Christian Jacob (Piano), Trey Henry (Bass), Ray Brinker (Drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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