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Everything In Time by Carol Fredette

Coming off of a hiatus that has lasted a decade, jazz singer Carol Fredette has returned with her latest solo album Everything In Time, produced and arranged by her bass player David Finck, and featuring American and Brazilian standards. Her singing is in top form reminiscent of the lounging voicing of Gigi MacKenzie and the tender curls of Teresa Brewer. When Fredette wraps her vocals around the bossa nova tendrils of "Viva Sonhando," she does it with a sensuality that can melt icebergs. The selections chosen for the album bring out the brilliance in her vocals with tracks like "I Was Born In Love With You" and "Only Trust Your Heart" sounding as good as a warm cup of coco on a freezing cold evening. Other tunes highlight Fredette’s carefree exuberance like in "O Pato" affectionately known as "The Duck Song" for Fredette‘s chirpy quacking, and the dancing strokes of "(This Is) A Fine Romance" which show a likeness to Diahann Carroll‘s airy sprints and flirty bouncing.

Carol Fredette’s delivery has similarities to the jazz singers of the ‘60s, as she extends her vocals to mountainous heights and sings as if she is speaking directly to audience members. She makes the songs personable and treats the lyrics with reverence, holding them as if they are the bond which ties her to everyone else in the world like in the track "Would You Believe?" The words resonate with a visceral care as Fredette muses, "Would you believe that the thought of his return has never crossed my mind / Men are like waves in the ocean / Endlessly marching to shore / Why should I cry if I lose one / God knows there is always one more / Would you believe that I just lie there at night / Thanking my stars that we’re through / Haven’t I had all the drama I can use for a life or two?" Her music is good to play during cocktails with friends or for those moments when you want to be alone with your private thoughts. She puts you in the mood to relax and enjoy your settings whether she sounds like she is skipping through the park in "Wait A Little While," or shrugging at the irreparable damage that fate has made like in "Without Rhyme Or Reason." The cha-cha pulsing of "Without Rhyme Or Reason" and "Dream Dancing" elevates the listener’s mood and puts a peppiness in the sprigs of saxophone toots. Her selections touch on the wafting aroma of beautiful romances, and the hurt that comes in the wake of heartbreaks. She shows that she has an ear for both, and the sensibilities to understand them both inside and out.

Carol Fredette’s album Everything In Time honors the beauty of American and Brazilian standards beautifully. She does the cha-cha steps right along with the pulsating beats, and stretches out as long as the roadways that take listeners away from their troubles. She shows no hesitation in taking command of the reigns and steering the tracks right into the heart of the matter, and this gal sings with real heart in her voice.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carol Fredette
  • CD Title: Everything In Time
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Sound Brush Records
  • Tracks: Without Rhyme Or Reason, I Wish I Knew, Dream Dancing, Last Night When We Were Young, The Way You Look Tonight, Viva Sonhando (Dreamer), Pieces Of Dreams, I Was Born In Love With You, (This Is) A Fine Romance, O Pato (The Duck), Bilhete (Ticket), Love Thy Neighbor, Would You Believe, Only Trust Your Heart, Wait A Little While
  • Musicians: Vocals - Carol Fredette; Piano - Helio Alves, Dario Eskenazi, Andy Ezrin; Bass - David Finck; Guitar - Leonardo Amuedo; Drums - Adriano Santos, Victor Lewis; Percussion - Mauro Refosco; Trumpet - Barry Danielian; Saxophone - Aaron Heicke, Bob Malach
  • Rating: Three Stars
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