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First Offerings by Rick DiMuzio

Is it possible to give 6 stars for a review of an album? Rick DiMuzio's 'First Offerings' should not be his last. This project started in 1994 with titles like Waiting For Kate for his daughter and Philip's Follies for his son. It is clear that his children, along with his wife who teaches piano are a great inspiration to Rick and it has been 10 years in the making for this album and it is well worth the wait.

When I first heard this album, I said to myself 'That guy has the Coltrane sound and I bet he is not even trying...' and you can tell that Rick is not trying to be Coltrane, he wants and is his own man. With the heading of Liberty Suite these tracks are given that title for good reason. It is as close as you are going to get to Coltrane without directly taking from him, especially Psalm . These tracks will lead you back into Coltrane but will not directly take you there. The track Night sees Jack Hollenback at his best on this album. Common Ground features Jamey Haddad on percussion that make you take notice and tell you that 'Hey this album is almost over but I still have something to give... and he does, listen to the way he fills it in, subtle. Peter Slavov's bass playing is what brings this track to life along with Rick on soprano sax, this one is a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon.

Rick DiMuzio has put together a fine album and the players on it are top notch. Mentioned previously, there is that Coltrane feel to it, Liberty Suite brings you back to A Love Supreme in ways but this album does not rely on that. This album brings us forward into 2004 and beyond. I dare say that this is where Coltrane would be if he was here today. The compositions are excellent, the playing by all is excellent, Rick DiMuzio and company have a great album here and lets hope there is a Second Offerings in the future.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rick DiMuzio
  • CD Title: First Offerings
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Tracks: Waiting For Kate, Big House, Alpha, Liberty Suite ( Head to Head, Night, Thou Mayest, Psalm ), Common Ground, Philips Follies
  • Musicians: Rick DiMuzio (saxophones), Nate Radley (guitar), Mark Shilansky (piano), Thomson Kneeland (bass), John Hollenbeck (drums), Greg Burk (piano), Peter Slavov (bass), Jamey Haddad (percussion), Phil Grenadier (trumpet)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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