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How My Heart Sings by David Singley

David Singley is one of many new and aspiring guitarists on the current Jazz scene. David is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His latest recording is a mixture of tasteful guitar work, smooth accompaniment, and a great choice of material.

Earl Zindar's gentle piece, "How My Heart Sings" opens up this musical offering with some gorgeous guitar. Smooth, lush, and beautifully carrying the melody. David sings beautifully through his guitar. Ever embracing the notes and the mood of the piece.

"My Foolish Heart" is played with sincere passion and careful melodic structures. David's smooth approach addes to the longing nature of this classic. Jay Epstein offers some nice brush work that assists in conveying the mood of the piece.

David's original, "Waltz For Bunky" is another breath of fresh air. Delicately strumming his guitar while also carrying the melody in a tour de force of guitar eloquence. Always tasteful and balanced, the rest of his group offers some wondrous harmonic support behind David's guitar.

Cole Porter's "I Love You" is also featured on this recording. In this case adding Eddie Berger's pulsating Alto Sax, as well as swinging the band into a rollicking spirited version. David comps beautifully throughout with solid support from bassist Tom Lewis, and drummer Jay Epstein.

This being David's first recording as a leader is a testament of his potential not only as a guitarist and leader but also someone who blends in well in a group setting. His playing, aspiring, and always leading the rest of the band to new ideas follows the tradition set forth by the likes of Tal Farlow, and Kenny Burrell. Watch out. David is on the right track to future musical surprises.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Singley
  • CD Title: How My Heart Sings
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 1997
  • Record Label: Do Da Records
  • Musicians: David Singley-guitar, Tom Lewis-bass,Jay Epstein-drums, Eddie Berger-alto sax
  • Rating: Five Stars
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