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Mort Weiss: The B3 and Me by Mort Weiss

Mort Weiss, The B3 and Me, interesting title for a clarinetist to come up with isn’t it! Well, the liner notes do a good job of detailing the events that led up to this non-imaginative CD title and of course the notes are all about corporate politics and the plight of the poor record companies. The CD itself is very good, title aside, we have a recording that should have been released in 2003 and would have likely done very well at that time. It features excellent musicianship, especially the blowing of Mr. Weiss, a master at lightning fast clarinet runs, and I believe he was over seventy when this CD was recorded. The song selection are all classical jazz standards, played with intense joy, passion and energy from the combined quartet. A must have CD, of clarinet virtuosity.

The sound quality of the recording is superb, a beautiful mix, with B3 organ never overpowering and the gentleman who plays it, he has a very refined style, a classical organist destined to be a master. Joey DeFrancesco is the mystery musician that can’t be mentioned as part of the deal to release the CD, between Concord Records and Mr. Weiss, but I can’t resist and I’m not promoting the CD or advertising it, although I would have to say it is one of Mr. DeFrancesco’s best efforts.

The CD is pushed along in a smooth flowing manner by the ever so tasteful drumming of Byron Landham and the excellent guitar playing of rhythm ace Craig Ebner on guitar. On the song "Fools Rush In" the final track on the nine song CD, the song is played with a wonderful spirit, the joy of the musicians comes right out through the speakers and shakes you. If you are like me, after the final song ends you’ll hit play and listen to the CD once more from start to finish.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mort Weiss
  • CD Title: Mort Weiss: The B3 and Me
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: SMS Jazz
  • Tracks: Ornitholigy, I Thought About You, Falling In Love With Love, Love Letters, Billy’s Bounce, Autumn Leaves, Yesterdays, You Stepped Out Of A Dream, Fool’s Rush In
  • Musicians: Byron Landon (drums), Craig Ebner (guitar), Mort Weiss (clarinet) Joey DeFrancesco (Hammond B3 organ)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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