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Movin On by Claire Daly

Claire Daly is one of the first ladies of straight-ahead/classic jazz, and with the release of her CD collection, MOVIN' ON, she fully establishes herself as the major female baritone saxophone performer in the United States, her remarkable sound clear and sweet and filled with harmonic devices. Claire Daly has a unique sound and MOVIN' ON showcases that sound for the pleasure of listening audiences everywhere. Claire Daly ranks among the best of today's contemporary baritone saxophone players.

A pleasant surprise is Claire Daly's voice as she does vocals on "Smile" and "Some Other Time." The listener will find a husky sweetness there that is both poignant and sensual. The way she sings "Smile" is memorable and should receive radio playing time; she captures the essence of the song and its emotions and shares them with the listening audience. For pure enjoyment, listen to her expressions on "Some Other Time" accompanied by the exquisite piano sounds of Eli Yamin. "Some Other Time" is a definite winner in this collection!

Eli Yamin plays the piano and it is always a special treat to hear his stylings and intimacy with harmonic inventions; an innovative pianist, he is among the most interesting contemporary pianists with his piano techniques. Dave Hofstra on bass and Peter Grant on drums further add class to this excellent collection of songs as does James Zollar on trumpet.

There are 13 selections on MOVIN' ON. Each song will have special appeal to individual listeners with such songs as "Softly As I Leave You," "You Said It," "Every Time We Say Goodbye" (one of Cole Porter's great compositions!), "Smile," "After You've Gone," "If Ever I Would Leave You," "Goodbye Porkpie Hat," "Birdie Bye," "A Bientot," "Bye-Ya," the memorable arrangement of the Donaldson/Kahn composition "Love Me Or Leave Me," and the poignant Leonard Bernstein-Betty Comden-Adolph Green composition "Some Other Time." A classy collection of songs from a classy lady!

If you want a collection that is fresh, innovative, and sparkles with creativity, purchase a copy of Claire Daly's MOVIN' ON. It is flawless straight-ahead jazz. Excellent production values in all aspects. MOVIN' ON is what good jazz is all about.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Claire Daly
  • CD Title: Movin On
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Koch
  • Tracks: Some Other Time, Smile, Everytime We Say Goodbye, Love Me Or Leave Me, among others.
  • Musicians: Claire Daly, baritone saxophone and vocals. Eli Yamin, piano. Dave Hofstra, bass. Peter Grant, drums. James Zollar, trumpet.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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