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Nordic Disruption by NYNDK

As the title alludes, this is the work of a quartet of impressive players from Scandinavia with a New Yorker or two, recorded in New Jersey (to fully close that circle). The group takes its name from New York (NY), Norway (N), and Denmark (DK). The quartet of Ole Mathison (saxophones), Chris Washburne (trombone), Soren Moller (piano), and Per Mathison (bass), along with the "special guest," drummer Scott Neumann are pan global in their musical scope. They are a dramatic, dynamic and well meshed quartet (plus one) at home in their 8 original pieces and one classic each from the US and Norway ("I Hear A Rhapsody" and "Elefanten’s Vuggeviser (The Elephant’s Lullaby)").

Beautiful voicing with the horns, piano and rhythm complimenting, or switching to piano with horn supports. Among the standouts are Washburne’s title cut with it’s classic swing and Mathison’s fiery alto, Moller’s gorgeous piano-led charge through the playful "Brooklyn," and his harmonically engaging "Blade Runner," with the exciting duo of soprano and trombone, and the closing "Nimbulus," from Mathison’s pen, on which the players shine. This is clever work. Without sliding too far afield, the players remain largely contextually classic while bringing an edge to many of the compositions. Each player is a master. Trombone and saxophones soar, the piano is brilliant, stand up bass and drums supportive and accenting throughout the collection. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all international organizations worked so seamlessly?

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: NYNDK
  • CD Title: Nordic Disruption
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Jazzheads
  • Rating: Four Stars
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