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Orsinos Songs by Clare Teal

While listening to Orsino's Songs it struck me that Clare Teal not only has the voice to carry the songs she chooses but that it is her personality and the transfer of it to her music that sets her apart from the mass of female jazz vocalists there are in the world today. Teal no doubt has her own voice, she is not one of those "sound-a-like Simones" or worse still - a "kind-of Ella". She is unique, and no matter what style she sings in you can't not know it is her singing. The album is a tremendous move on from her already acclaimed debut "That's The Way It Is" and her career shows no signs of slowing if the media are anything to go by. With a mix of Standards, original material and the odd more contemporary cover, there is something for everyone on this record.

Already highly praised by Michael Parkinson, the lead track "California Dreamin'" is the stand out arrangement and performance on the record. Coming a close second is "Mountain Greenery" which features a very witty piano solo by Teal's regular cohort Martin Litton. Most reviewers will harp on about the guest appearances of Alan Barnes. It's true he is superb (as ever) but listen to reedman Trevor Whiting's phrasing and tonality throughout the disc - surely this man merits more attention. "Blues In The Night" is awesome, and "I Loves You Porgy" is possibly the finest recording of this song to date.

This is a great record obviously made by a group of top players who know exactly what they are doing..I suspect you won't get better than this until Teal's next album.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Clare Teal
  • CD Title: Orsinos Songs
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Candid
  • Rating: Five Stars
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