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Quiet Love (a jazz opera in 11 acts) by Milcho Leviev

This album is beautifully packaged and more importantly the music is divinely inspired.

As is so aptly stated in the liner notes, this is a: "A collection of songs composed by Milcho Leviev and exquisitely interpreted by Vicky Almazidu"

Leviev has often said that the one thing he never liked about opera was the singing, he feels that the intense, constant deviation (almost half a step) of the desired note, called "legit vibrato" tends to obscure the melody's beauty...Ergo, this jazz opera with a jazz singer.

This album is an ode to love in all it's delicious forms, love in all it's glory and sadness is the theme in 11 acts.

Vicky Almazidu has a 4 octave range, a tone marked by flawless craftsmanship and delicate execution.

The musicians are all masters of their instruments and their contributions and embellishments are beyond the usual fare.

Track number seven with lyrics by Mary Ann Randle is entitled "For Frederick and Bill" with Leviev playing Chopin and Antoni Donchev reprising Bill Evans. This arrangement by Donchev is remarkable in it's beauty. Almazidu's vocal only adds to the overall exemplification of supreme excellence, she flies with her own wings and soar she does.

"Sad A Little Bit" features an alto solo that Art Pepper performed live at Ronnie Scott's Supper Club with Milcho Leviev's Quartet in June 1980. Leviev's soliloquy is unmatched in style and substance.

Almazidu and Leviev are a duo that makes the latin phrase qui facit per ali-um facit per se (He who does anything through another does it through himself) all the more meaningful

The two examples of the 11 compositions in this recording are but a sampling of the rich musical talent of all who contributed to this embodiment of artistic excellence.

The pen of Milcho Leviev is mightier than the sabre rattling music prevalent in today's market and Vicky Almazidu is a rara avis in a world devoid of true vocalists, her phrasing and interpretation of Leviev's music are beyond reproach. Almazidu takes a tough task and makes it work with urbanity and panache.

The ensemble (s) are comprised of the finest musicians on the European scene, after all, perfection demands perfection, as they say..  

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Milcho Leviev
  • CD Title: Quiet Love (a jazz opera in 11 acts)
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: EA Ethnic Art
  • Rating: Five Stars
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