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Take Me Anywhere by Marcus Goldhaber with The Jon Davis Trio

Jazz vocalist Marcus Goldhaber helps you start your morning right with a mellifluous register that makes you enjoy waking up to, and eases you comfortably into the day. His latest release Take Me Anywhere has him accompanied by the Jon Davis Trio and features Hendrik Meurkens on harmonica. Each track has Goldhaber and the trio rolling into a selection of standards such as Hoagy Carmichael’s "I Get Along Without You Very Well" and Irving Berlin’s "Top Hat, White Tie And Tails" traipsing alongside original tunes written by Goldhaber and Jon Davis like "I Fall Apart" and "You’re Beautiful, You Know That." Goldhaber has the refined stylizing of Michael Feinstein with a elegiac glide reflective of Cole Porter. Each track is as poetic as a Shakespearean sonnet and creates an intimate setting between the listener and Goldhaber.

The gentle samba shuffle in the percussive beats of "I Fall Apart" are covered in twinkles of agile piano keys dangling from its branches, while the sparse layers and fluid lines of "Top Hat, White Tie And Tails" have a leisurely canter that massages the listener’s aural senses nicely. Goldhaber is not overtly flirtatious, but his vocals have a subtle seductive quality that entices folks with bundles of warmth and an affable voicing like in "A Felony Called Love." He sounds like an incurable romantic walking through a spritz of soothing piano notes chain-linked together along "I Fall In Love Too Easily." Goldhaber and Davis show soft-pop sensibilities in the liquid glitters sparkling tenderly through "She Knows" with lyrics that would make any woman swoon, "Last night I stayed awake up so I could watch you fall asleep / I don’t want to make a sound, but I couldn’t stop my heart from beating up and down inside my chest / And I thought it would burst through / Until you turned and whispered I love you." Goldhaber’s songs live up to such an ideal lyrically and musically that few artists can reach this euphoric state. It is music that you would not mind starting off your day with, in fact, it should be highly recommended.

Goldhaber’s album Take My Anywhere has 17-tracks that infuse blissful sensations with mellifluous strokes garnering an elegiac mood that complements Goldhaber’s relaxing vocal stride. His vocals linger on the moments of joy, and ache to be there when they aren’t. His songs are terribly romantic, and even more dangerous is he passes that trait onto the listener. With 17-tracks to choose from, he reels the listener into his pursuit for an ideal euphoria, and by the ending, your tenacity to reach it becomes as strong as his.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Marcus Goldhaber with The Jon Davis Trio
  • CD Title: Take Me Anywhere
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Fallen Apple Records
  • Tracks: No Moon At All, I Get Along Without You Very Well, Take Me, With Plenty Of Money And You, In The Oeuvre Of The In-Between, A Walk, You’re Beautiful You Know That, I Fall Apart, Top Hat White Tie And Tails, A Felony Called Love, I Fall In Love Too Easily, She Knows, A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, I’ve Never Been In Love Before, My Ship, Look For The Silver Lining, When I Take My Sugar To Tea
  • Musicians: Marcus Goldhaber - vocals, Jon Davis - piano, Martin Wind - bass, Marcello Pellittern - drums and percussion, Hendrik Meurkens - harmonica, and Lieven Venken - drums on “Look For The Silver Lining”
  • Rating: Three Stars
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