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Thats Time Enough by The Leslie Maclean Trio

When one picks up a Jazz CD these days, there are many things that can happen, you can listen and say "that's cool, they do a good job covering those tunes" or you could say "Wow, I have never heard that song played like that before!" or you could do both. That is the case with this CD by The Leslie Maclean Trio, you say both! Maclean's arrangements of some of the foundation standards such as A Child Is Born and I Loves You, Porgy are uniquely treated and played by the trio. What surprised me and hooked me on this CD was Maclean's playful and creative interpretation of the medley from the Wizard of Oz. TO OZ? TO OZ! consists of four of the most remembered songs from Hollywood. But these compositions are even more memorable as Maclean adds a nuance to each that illicit memories from the movie, and at the same time, create whole new scenes in the listener's head. This part of the CD is truly fun to listen to.

Maclean's talent goes beyond the creation of new interpretations of old standards and familiar songs. Her playing is solid and is the anchor that holds the trio in place at each note. Her long-time playing partner, Jerry Pollock and Bassist, Bob Bowman provide a solid rhythm section, and foundation for Maclean to build her compositions on. They are tight in all aspects of the music and treat each arrangement with the sensitivity and expression that Maclean has defined. When you hear the fun expressed in the Wizard medley, you are immediately aware of the familiarity each player has with the other and you know right away, Maclean creates with the trio in mind. Chichen-Itza and Roll In The Hay are two originals by Maclean that offer a taste of her wide range of compositional flexibility and creativity.

Pollock's skill on the kit and other percussion instruments is a highlight of the CD. Whether delivering strong chops in solos, or adding the appropriate sound in just the right place with a percussion instrument, Pollock provides sensitive support for all of Maclean’s arrangements. Bowman's bass is more than just the bottom, and is the other half of a solid rhythm section. He creates his own sense of presence through notable solos, and a steady groove that both Pollock and Maclean take advantage of throughout the work.

That's Time Enough is a remarkable straight-ahead jazz CD, but it is also a creative and just plain fun CD to listen to. From the first time you hear it, you will be caught up in the feel of the fun that this trio has when playing together. You won't be able get some of the tunes out of your head. Tunes you thought you knew until you heard The Leslie Maclean Trio play them!!!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Leslie Maclean Trio
  • CD Title: Thats Time Enough
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: KippieJosh Jazz
  • Rating: Five Stars
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