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Vol. 1 by Jazz in Galiza

This largely straight ahead set covers a breadth of stylistic territory from an impressive quartet working at the top of their form. The captivating opening piece, Charlin’s "J-Train Blues" is a hard blowing opener that immediately and joyfully grabs the ears. With piano and alto working off each other and the rhythm section trading eights, it’s classic and attention grabbing. The following piece, Rabade’s "Circle With An Ending" works closer to the edges. "High Direction" has a Coltrane feel without sounding derivative. It doesn't mimic Trane tonally, just has a groove. a feeling. O’Gallagher’s "Faith or Fable," with tandem sax/piano lines and dramatic bass and drums, is dream-like in it’s almost muscular frailty. "Casa Paco" has a McCoy Tyner-ish feel with a lilting and melodic alto over the nuanced piano. Here, the alto is melodic, piano metronomic and drums and bass, again, supportive and impressive. The closing presumably improvised "Conversation With the Souls," credited to all four, dances and sways, cajoles and shakes the ears. The longest and farthest afield piece on the program is free and compelling while melodic and harmonic. This extended closing tune exemplifies the high caliber of musicianship throughout the disc. Each player is a master of his instrument and all consistently impressive.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jazz in Galiza
  • CD Title: Vol. 1
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Free Code Jazz records
  • Musicians: John OGallagher (alto saxophone) Abe Rabade (piano) Paco Charlin (double bass) Jee Williams (drums) '
  • Rating: Four Stars
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