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The American All Stars In Paris by Sarah Morrow

With her third CD, Morrow brings together American legends, living in France, where the reverence for fine musicianship is at a peak. Straight ahead, familiar songs are revved up as Morrow blows her grand trombone, sharing the spotlight with each member of the group.

Morrow’s original, "All Star Boogie" showcases her ability to create and stretch the groove. Long, heartfelt notes from Morrow’s trombone are emphasized by Scott’s ability on B3. Hal Singer takes tenor sax to a new level of swank. This song swings.

Scott’s B3 makes "Work Song" a roaring, lively, all over the place tune. Morrow does a solo spot on trombone, giving deep texture before coming out roaring to be heard. Singer’s sax swings and sways in discourse with the group. An exciting solo on drums keeps this tune robust.

Gentle drum strokes accompany Morrow’s slow, mellow notes on "You’ve Changed." A somber, yet thoughtful, tune.

Spunky drums and upbeat B3 get "Sweet and Lovely" off to a moving start before Morrow’s trombone joins in. Scott shows her stuff on her Hammond during a solo. No wonder she’s called ‘the master’. Bass is kept soft, but peppy, during a spot solo.

Morrow’s trombone leads on "Love for Sale." The rest of the group keeps her well supported before Singer breaks loose on sax and shows a spunky run of notes.

You can see why they are called All Stars. This group of musicians keep the entire CD alive with variety, swing, verve and excellence. Even the slower tunes are played to the extreme.

The photo on the cover of this album shows a group of musicians highly enjoying themselves and they re-create that joy throughout this album.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sarah Morrow
  • CD Title: The American All Stars In Paris
  • Genre: Traditional / New Orleans
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Loop Productions
  • Tracks: Angels Sing, All Star Boogie, Blue Monk, Worksong, You’ve Changed, Sweet and Lovely, Simone, Love for Sale, I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good, Honeysuckle Rose
  • Rating: Five Stars
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