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The music on Matt Garrison new album Familiar Places is as impressive as the group of musicians playing on it. Besides Garrison, this album features Claudio Roditi on trumpet and Mark Whitfield on guitar among other amazing musicians. The opening track Try another day starts with amazing harmonies by Matt Garrison on sax and Bruce Harris on trumpet. Garrison, Harris and Zaccai Curtis take turns with good improvisations before getting back to the starting harmonies.A thoughtful attempt has a boss
Even though the members of San Juan Collective are young musicians, they play with the maturity and music knowledge of veteran Jazz players. One can tell their jazz vocabulary comes from years of listening and studying all the legends of jazz and other music styles. They also have the experience of playing and recording with Puerto Rican master trumpet player, Charlie Sepulveda on both of his grammy nominated albums. All that music knowledge and experience are fused perfectly to create the sound

Resonance by Yotam

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Israeli guitarist/composer Yotam transmits fluency, articulation, extraordinary chops and a strong penchant for dynamics on his debut effort for Jazz Legacy Produ…

Nu Drop by Nu Drop

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The history of Jazz music is full of great female musicians. But rarely you will have the opportunity to listen to an all female jazz band.Nu Drop is an all female jazz …