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Earthling by Wet Cookies

Inspired by Miles Davis’ jazz-fusion/funk "On The Corner," LP this Viennese unit started out in late ‘90s with an improvisation-heavy demeanor, dappled with psychedelic soundscapes. And on this album the band refines its method of attack with composure, often capturing or perhaps exploiting the sounds of ‘70s style jazz-groove style proclivities. With spacey synth swashes and thumping backbeats, the ensemble also ventures into bop territory during "Weirdoz Of Bop," where Thomas Uhegbu lays down a frisky acoustic piano vamp, enamored with some bizarre EFX-based overlays.

In various regions of sound, the tentet’s dual bass (electric & acoustic) attack generates a firm bottom-end, as the music is constructed upon house-beats, sleek vibraphone passages, and soulful horn charts. However, they don’t overindulge within the electronics spectrum. Its pleasant mix also including dreamy, Motown-like arrangements inflected with oscillating effects and intermittent swashes of synth patterns. On "Slutmachine," the musicians meld panache and power via a rock solid pulse and a corpulent bass sound, augmented by echoing brass segments and a toe-tapping groove. And at times the music skirts the fringes of contemporary jazz. But they generally go against the grain with the occasional off-kilter slant or cosmic meltdown. Nonetheless, it’s an entertaining affair that intimates quite a bit more than the post electric Miles copycats who seem content to dwell within humdrum interpretations. These folks combine a radio-friendly format with strong chops and more than just a few, nicely articulated diversions.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Wet Cookies
  • CD Title: Earthling
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Collision
  • Rating: Three Stars
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