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Instant Groove by Bobby Lewis

Bobby Lewis is at his finest hour in this collection. The CD is alive with invigorating and sensitive jazz sounds. Every song reflects the genius of Lewis as he plays!

There are twelve songs in this CD collection. Among them are found such sweet jazz musings as "The New Delhi Deli," "The Shining Sea," "Edda," "Dreamsville," "Morning," "Sauce Melba," "Line For Lyons," "Two For The Road," "Grandpa's Spells," "Saudade II," "Together We'll Stay," and "The Evening Star." The song, "Saudade II," deserves much airplay time for its superb treatment of jazz motifs and straight-ahead classic performance.

Jim Ryan's piano stylings are smooth, full of joy and imagination. Every musician involved in this musical outing is topnotch. The performances are memorable.

If you are a fan of Bobby Lewis, you will want this one for your collection. If you are new to the sounds of Bobby Lewis, this is a great way to meet him musically on a fine jazz CD.

Playing this CD several times reveals different surprises in the manner in which the performances sing in a grand fashion that makes each instrument perfectly attuned to theme and tempo. On the fourth listening, this reviewer discovered it was a magical mystery tour of beauty each time the CD played on the stereo system!

Bobby Lewis is one of the very finest jazz performances alive today, and this is another fine CD collection from him. His performance on "The Evening Star" is the hallmark of a great jazz performer!

Highly recommended. Perfect performances.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Bobby Lewis
  • CD Title: Instant Groove
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Southport
  • Tracks: The New Delhi Deli, The Shining Sea, Edda, Dreamsville, Morning, Sauce Melba, Line for Lyons, Two For The Road, Grandpa’s Spells, Saudade II, Together We’ll Stay, and The Evening Star
  • Musicians: Bobby Lewis (leader, trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, alto trumpet), Jim Ryan (piano, synthesizer), Pat Mallinger (alto and tenor saxophone), Curtis Robinson (guitar), Rob Amster (acoustic and electric bass), Rob Kassinger (acoustic bass), Thomas Kini (electric bass), Jeff Stitely (drums), Alejo Poveda (percussion), Burl Lane (bassoon, tenor saxophone), Dan Perantoni (tuba)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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