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Jaleo by Louis Winsberg

Winsberg, a name new to me is a flamenco guitarist. Flamenco is the ancient music/dance complex of Spain. This disc is steeped in that tradition, but offers the listener so much more. Influences such as Weather Report, Pat Metheny and even Shatki are easy to hear and pick up on. This is music for the lover of life. Even the title represents this. Jaleo is a flamenco term for "cry of joy, energy, life and music". It will awaken the soul and breathe new life into what you may have previously thought about flamenco. It did for me.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Louis Winsberg
  • CD Title: Jaleo
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Sunnyside Communications
  • Tracks: Sacromonte, El Nino, Fenix, Balkann Sevillan, Ragalegria, Rumba dos mil, En una palabra, Bulerimbao
  • Musicians: Winsberg (guitars), Nanda Kumar (tablas and percussion), Jean-Baptiste Marino (flamenco guitar), Jose Montealegre (lead vocals), Norbert Lucarain (vibes, marimba, percussion, jaw harp, bg. vocals), Jean-Christophe Maillard (synth, steel guitar, bg. vocals), Isabel Pelaez (dance solo, lead and bg. vocals), Miguel Sanchez (cajon, per., palmas).
  • Rating: Four Stars
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